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The scene of the White Stream was really a bit absent-minded,

The scene of the White Stream was really a bit absent-minded, and all I noticed was a mess. It's pretty early for the second watch. Volume 1 Chapter 675 Come and cooperate! Chapter 675 let's cooperate! That's true. Ye Xiu is indeed more accustomed to matching the forces of these families directly with the names of the teams. Such details can be noticed by Baixi Liujing, and this person is also very careful. It's just that at this time, he didn't pay attention to what he should have paid attention to, and he noticed what he shouldn't have noticed. After caring about these things for a while, I suddenly realized the information revealed in the other party's words. Cooperation Baixi Liujing thought quickly and knew that it was feasible to join hands against the major guilds. But the question is, in the face of such an important thing as wild map BOSS, will such an alliance be strong? "This is the equipment and materials we just got. If President Baixi cooperates with us, it will not be divided into three parts, but four parts." Chop Loulan this side said, while the text sent out a list, nature is just hit the equipment to explode the list of things, and then listen to "wow", chop Loulan actually put all these things on the ground. Shit Baixi Liujing had an impulse to swoop up at that time, and everyone went all out to grab BOSS, for what? Aren't these the trophies? Someone actually poured these things directly in front of him, this does not go up to grab, it is a little embarrassed ah? To know that this is the player thrown out, not BOSS burst out,fake blossom tree, this is discarded, of course, there can be no task system protection. Baixi Liujing finally just swallowed a saliva, after all, did not dare to move. The equipment is at the feet of the three people, people dare to be so bold and unrestrained, naturally have nothing to fear. Not to mention that Ye Qiu was standing in the middle,large palm trees for sale, at that moment, Baixi Liujing suddenly felt that countless eyes had come coldly. Of course, other people outside the game, this is only a kind of intuition, but it is this intuition that tells him: Do not act rashly, people are on guard. Then, Baixi Liujing watched the three characters squat down, around the pile of things that even the people of the rich and powerful team would envy, so they scraped up. The three men chatted happily and divided the materials equally in line with the principle of taking what they needed. Yes, the view of the White Creek is very clear, and it is equally divided. Wild map BOSS, so rare and so difficult to kill, how can it be justified to hang up and explode something? The total number of items released after the death of the jungle guardian Vicky is 19, of which 2 are orange suits and 17 are materials. Wild map BOSS burst out of the orange outfit, artificial plant wall panels ,silk cherry blossom tree, which is absolutely the most top-notch equipment for online game players. In the whole glory circle, only the silver suit carefully developed by the professional team can be better than it. But so far, professional teams are not all silver. If there is no silver outfit, it is basically this kind of orange outfit of wild map BOSS grade. To say what purple, it is certainly not in the professional circle, purple equipment for the professional circle, the grade is a bit low to the outrageous. Although the vast majority of people in online games do not even have purple clothes. Although this kind of orange outfit is also chosen in large numbers in the professional circle, but after all, there is a higher grade of silver outfit, orange outfit, is nothing more than a temporary transition. That is to say, the development of the professional circle is still short. In another eight or ten years, I'm afraid we can completely eliminate the orange outfit from the circle. Nevertheless, the value of wild map BOSS orange is not lost to the same material. Orange suits can be used for both equipment and research. Because of the existence of the equipment editor, how does this orange suit achieve such data and how does it have such attributes? This kind of research can be carried out through the equipment editor. With such research results, how can we upgrade the existing attributes to a higher level? Raise the various attributes of the orange suit to a higher level, and a silver suit will not be born smoothly? Although it does not make full use of all attributes like tailor-made silver suits, it is a common way for small and medium-sized clubs with insufficient resources to improve themselves. Of course, this kind of research is not simple, and the equipment editor will often damage the equipment and can not be restored. So sometimes you need to use a lot of the same equipment. Just burst out of the two pieces of equipment, Yue Ziqing called the name to go away, it is estimated that it is exactly what the team needs to study. On the other hand, Ye Xiu saw that Chop Loulan didn't seem to catch a cold, so he took it away. This kind of equipment, for Ye Xiu, is an improvement in strength. Then the materials are also taken separately after some discussion. Baixi Liujing looked at one side, but did not feel who suffered a great loss and who took advantage. Nineteen things, divided by three points, can't be divided cleanly, and they can only be divided almost. Anyway, the final division of these three people, Baixi Liujing is completely acceptable. Then, the three characters stood up together, and their eyes turned to him. Of course, Baixi Liujing understood that these three guys were deliberately putting on a show in front of him to show him their reasonable way of distribution, otherwise these things would be safe and down-to-earth for information communication and systematic transactions. If these were divided into four parts.. The Great God opened his mouth and opened another topic. It might be better to divide it into four parts. Yue Zi said. Well, you take out the purple piece and a tussah tail vine, the great God takes out the fragment of the world tree, and I take out the red fruit and the stone that is not drunk. Is it enough to give these five things to Baixi? Chop Loulan said. No, why do I take out the purple pieces? I'll just take out a stone that doesn't get drunk. Yue Zi said. Really? Do you mean that the value of your red fruit is equal to that of my tussah vine? Chop Loulan said. What does it matter whether the value of the things taken out is equal or not? The key is that in the end, the four of us are basically the same. Yue Zi said. What you take out doesn't match, and what you have left in your hand can be equal to us? At present, it is almost divided into three equal parts. Chop Loulan said. But now it's going to be divided into four equal parts,outdoor ficus tree, and it's going to be a little different. "Your purple broken and tussah tail vine to Baixi, is the correct division," said Chop Loulan. hacartificialtree.com