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U Glass suppliers Description
U channel glass is a kind of new decorative architectural material, also call U channel glass, U shaped glass. it becomes more and more popular because it has a lot of outstanding advantages, such as irreplaceable decorative effects, ideal light transmission, great sound insulation, excellent heat insulation, reservation and convenient installation, etc.
Because of its lightweight, diffusing light minimization glare, clear patterned U channel glass for curtain walls is more and more widely used as the preferred material for indoor and outdoor curtain walls.
1. Clear Patterned U channel glass not only has the sense of stability and heaviness of a non-transparent curtain wall but also has the sense of delicacy and dexterity of a glass curtain wall, and the decorative effect is better.
2. Non-combustible, excellent fire safety performance; U-shaped glass company has almost no radioactivity, reducing ambient light pollution and good environmental protection.
3. There is no color difference, the colors are diverse, and the metal curtain wall has obvious advantages compared with the natural stone curtain wall.
4. U-shaped glass curtain wall can be built as a full glass curtain wall. Because the water absorption rate of u-shaped glass is very low, the u-shaped glass curtain wall has no disadvantages, such as natural lime, water, and oil. So, its surface is very clean, and the decorative effect is remarkable.
The specification of U channel glass is measured by its width, flange (flange) height, glass thickness, and design length.
The width of U channel glass
The flange height of U channel glass
The maximum production length of U channel glass
varies with its width and thickness. The maximum length that can be produced for U channel glass of various standard sizes is like follow sheet shows:
Textures of U channel glass
About us
Yongy is a professional U channel glass manufacturer integrating RD and production since 2009. Our company has a modern standard production workshop covering an area of 8,000 square meters, with electric melting furnaces and casting equipment using Siemens technology and Danfoss control system. Our U channel glass products can be tempered, sandblasted, acid-etched, laminated, and ceramic fritted in the factory.
Our Clear Patterned U channel glass has certificated by SGCC and CE, and the quality meets the standards of major countries and regions.
Meanwhile, communication is convenient, the whole production process can be traced back, and 7*24h after-sale service is our promise.
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